Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Yesterday's Fun Trip to Little Rock

We had quite a day yesterday. My daughter and I try to get to Sam's Club in Little Rock at least once a month. Well, we decided to go yesterday. We had to wait for the mail to run before we could go, and as usual when we need the mail to run on time (12:30 - 1:00), the slow driver was on and it didn't get there until 4:00. We had a few errands around town we had to do after mail ran but before we could leave. We thought about putting the trip off, but since her hubby (aka babysitter) is only off Sunday and monday that would have meant not going until next week. So off we head for the 90 mile trip to Sam's. After barely avoiding 2 accidents and a near heart attack (I was driving) we made it. We found some wonderful things there such as sugar cookie mix, and peanut butter / hershey kiss cookie mix and cinnabon mix for coffee cake. She got a heating pad that said king size and meant it! It must be 3 feet long! We had a hot dog from the snack bar when we got there. We bought 2 hot dog (Nathan's footlong maybe they were twice as long as a regular one) and 2 very large drinks and a bottle of water for under $5. They even had sauerkraut to go on the hotdogs! They were very good! I got out of there only spending $135 and had the back end of the Blazer full. We then went to Denny's (close to 10 pm by the time we got there) and had breakfast. It was rather yummy and I brought home enough for breakfast this morning too. (all for around $11 each). We also were able to fill up the Blazer for $1.56 a gal. The Blazer has only been full twice since she got it in September so that is a really good feeling. Then we went to Wal-mart for a few things and by then the fellas were calling from home wanting to eat again, so we made a pit stop at Wendys before heading home. We got home about 12:30 this morning but had a great day. We just left everything in the Blazer except the bananas which I was afraid would freeze. It was 25 out by then. I was tired but we had such a great Mom and Daughter day!!

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